Deadpool 2(2018) Review

The Man-Force is Strong With This One!

Director : David Leitch
Genre : Superhero, Comedy
Synopsis : Wisecracking mercenary Deadpool joins forces with three mutants - Bedlam, Shatterstar and Domino - to protect a boy from the all powerful Cable.

The Man Force is Strong With This One!

A few years ago, I remember watching a YouTube video in which an annoying interviewer was criticizing director Quentin Tarantino for his excessive use of violence in his films. Much to the chagrin of the interviewer, Tarantino in his usual cocky manner then proceeded to look into the cameras and encouraged parents to come and get their kids to the theaters to watch Kill Bill, stating that it was a film that kids would enjoy! In a similar moment in Deadpool 2, our favorite swashbuckling superhero who spends most of his time slicing up the bad guys while dressed up in a costume that looks more like a condom, looks straight into the cameras and tells the audience that this is an R-Rated family film! 

It is precisely this kind of unapologetic humour that made Deadpool such a welcome change from his righteous and morally upright superhero counterparts belonging to Marvel's far shinier delegates. While the superhero genre was stagnating due to its continuous churning out of noble, selfless public messiahs, along comes this motormouth superhero who just couldn't and wouldn't give a tosh for the greater good, instead choosing to use his powers with the greatest irresponsibility. Deadpool's unapologetic ability to take a dig at the cliches & idiosyncrasies associated with the genre and to literally roast the DCU to ashes, just had to work. Add to that the masterstroke decision of casting Ryan Reynolds as him, and the film was already a clear winner.

So while the first film was a kinky love story masquerading itself as a delightfully violent, comic-book movie, the second is a kind of family film again masquerading as a comic-book movie. Similar in tone to the first film, the sequel contains more of everything that made the first film such an enjoyable affair. Only, it's better. Right from the James Bond-inspired opening credits, the film is a laugh riot with nearly every line in the script filled with snarky one-liners that will have you choking with laughter, and of course, the usual plethora of cross-references. The novelty is not lost, the obscene jokes still retain their zing, and you actually get a decent plot!

Of course, all credit goes to Marvel's brilliant team of scriptwriters and to all the creative heads including Ryan Reynolds, who has also contributed to the script with his brilliant punchlines. 

As someone who has carved a name for himself as a director who has consistently delivered on incredible action sequences, Atomic Blonde(2017) director David Leitch doesn't disappoint. While we get to watch the usual pulpy violence as Deadpool slices his way through his enemies like he's playing fruit ninja, there are plenty of new characters such as the gun-toting Cable and the luck-deriving Domino, whom the director uses to his advantage to expand on the action by giving them their own individual fighting styles. The best part about the action is that the director really understands Deadpool sensibilities and merges the character's subversive humour with the film's stylistic action sequences. 

Ryan Reynold's Deadpool 2 is an absolute laugh riot!

Predictably, Ryan Reynold's highly caffeinated jabber as he continually breaks the fourth wall to engage with the audiences continue to power the film and retain the DNA of the first one. Josh Brolin, who only last month amazed us with his performance as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, is the perfect choice to play the steely antagonist. Some of the banter between these two characters is reminiscent of the classic buddy-cop fare such as in 48 Hours(1982). It's like watching a fast-talking Eddie Murphy, and a no-nonsense Nick Nolte sort of vibe, and it's immensely fun to watch the two together in the same frame. Karan Soni as Deadpool's Indian cab driver friend, while stereotypical, provides some of the best laughs. T.J. Miller, Morena Baccarin, Stefan Kepacic, Briana Hildebrand and Leslie Uggams reprise their roles from the first film.

The film also introduces us to a slew of new characters that are used to set up X-Force - Marvel's next ambitious crossover attempt set within the X-Men universe. Although this may at times feels like it's populated with too many characters, it doesn't feel bloated and still very much remains Deadpool's film, with the focus staying on his surprisingly emotional story arc. 

With Deadpool 2, Marvel continues its momentum of churning out typical summer tentpole movies that not just entertain, but also powered by brilliant scripts. This one doubles down on the fun and action, and also makes an attempt at being progressive by actually taking potshots at gender neutrality and cracking racist jokes. It's obnoxious, we get it, but that's classic Deadpool, and that's why, it works! Watch out for some epic cameos, and perhaps the best post credit scene yet in Marvel's collection, that'll literally have you rolling all over. 

Rated R for being an absolute laugh 'R'iot!

I'm going with 4/5.

Stray Observations(May Contain Spoilers) :

* Directed by the man who killed John Wick's dog - lol!

* "I hope The Academy is watching!" - That was pure gold!

* So I heard they also killed off baby Hitler but that scene was deleted.

* Umm, was that Matt Damon talking about baby pampers?

* "Shut up Black, Black Widow" - Low burn! Those who don't know it - Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson is Ryan Reynold's ex-wife. 

* Shahrukh Khan fans have reason to rejoice!

* Pool, Deadpool!


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